The Enhanced Pipeline of Character Design: Cornelius

Happy Monday!

April here to talk about the pipeline of character development once again! Last time, Margaret and I talked about the process we took to develop our protagonist character, Fella. Today will be about the pipeline used for Cornelius.

2D concept art was used to inform modeling

Similar to that of Fella, this model used concept art as the basis for design and blocking out shapes in ZBrush. After refinement and tweaking, a base sculpt is then exported as an ‘.obj’ file and brought into Maya.

In Maya, the next step is redefining the topology using the Quad-tool. Retopology at this stage leads to significantly lower polygons and better flow of geometry. Once the new topology is ready, UV mapping starts immediately.

Each one of the white lines is the edge of a UV

Hand-placed polygons produce user-friendly UV-mapping, making it easier for texture artists in the long run.


Once the UVs are finished, the model can proceed into texturing and rigging. The rig is the key to making Cornelius look and feel alive, otherwise he’s just a pile of static vertices and polygons.

Final poly count: 7137

With all the pieces coming together Model, Textures, and Animation, once in the Unity engine, Cornelius can be right at home.

An idle animation in-engine

Now Fella can approach Cornelius and talk to him about life or whatever dialogue we need. This was a big step towards a living town.



Our team is in the final stretches of releasing Umbrella Mondays! We will be showcasing our game this month, April 30th in the Great Hall at University of Wisconsin-Stout for SGX 2018! The convention hosts a multitude of games, from board games to video games. It’s held from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. This event is free! We’ll keep updating our social media channels as we approach that time!

Until next week!




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