Vertical Slice – Art and Lighting

Happy Monday! April and Margaret here to show you the first vertical slice of Umbrella Mondays! The art team has been hard at work for the past two weeks touching up models, texturing, and lighting our set in Unity, and we’re excited to show you the fruits of our labors!

A vertical slice is an important milestone in game design because it’s the first section of a project that is completely done, and this is the first time we’ve had a section of Umbrella Mondays that we consider to be visually complete (or at least very close!). We ironed out a lot of our art pipelines in the past few weeks as we wrapped up all these assets, and we can use this vertical slice moving forward as a template for the rest of the game.

We chose to tackle one of our biggest rooms for this vertical slice, and we’re going to let our most of our images speak for themselves because we’re pretty pleased with how it’s shaping together.


This room is one of the larger puzzle rooms in the game. Fella uses launch rings to access areas she can’t reach on her own.


One of our goals for this vertical slice was to bring in volumetric lighting. We’ll likely be tweaking it as we go, but we were satisfied with this first pass.

SMOL_verticalslicefiresourceIndividual assets like our bonfires and sconces are now fully textured and animated. Most of the texture work was done in Substance Painter or Substance Designer, which most of our artists picked up specifically for this project. 


We hope you enjoy! There’s lots more to come!umbrellaforWeb




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