Meet the Townsfolk

Happy Monday!

It’s Bob again. We’re back from our hibernation hiatus and ready to get back to work!

Okay, I can’t lie to you guys; we’ve been back for a week already. But! That means we have some stuff to show you!

When it comes to Umbrella Mondays Stuff™, I’m qualified to talk about two things: linguistics and narrative. And I’m not here to talk about linguistics today.

I think it’s high time you met some townsfolk.


First, I’d like to introduce you to Cornelius, the flower shop owner.



Cornelius is a kind old gentleman and a good friend of Fella’s. He likes flowers, the smell of rain, and creamy peanut butter sandwiches (crunchy PB tastes like fairy tears). Cornelius knows, like, pretty much everything. Maybe he knows something about the green rain…


Next, meet Hector, the coffee shop owner.


Hector is a calm, friendly guy who could probably take a nap anytime, anywhere. He loves tea, ocean sounds CDs, and his sister’s donuts (he would prefer you didn’t tell her that, though). Also, he only sells responsibly-sourced coffee because he cares.


Have you met Ekko the Baker yet?


Ekko’s parents are also Hector’s parents. Weird, right? She likes to run marathons and play Onions and Wagons in her free time, and she loves her brother’s coffee (she would prefer you didn’t tell him that, though). Do-nut* mess with Ekko; she makes the best donuts in town.


Well, that’s everyone I wanted to introduce you to for now. We’ll be sure to post more about the townsfolk as they develop, and eventually the whole family portrait. You can also meet the rest of the townsfolk when Umbrella Mondays officially releases on May 4th!

Until then, eat a donut! You deserve it.

– Bob

* Sorry…


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