Dev Vlog – Greybox Playthrough

Good evening and happy Monday!!

It’s been an exciting week here in Turnip Town. The Stout Game Expo (SGX) and User Experience Center playtesting sessions both went extremely well, and we wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone who came out to try our game; we got some great feedback that we’ll be using to help make Umbrella Mondays even better!

This week marks the beginning of final exams here at University of Wisconsin-Stout, so most of our team has been focusing on studying and wrapping up end-of-semester projects after our big push last week to get ready for SGX. We don’t have a whole lot of development to report on Umbrella Mondays itself, but we thought we would share some gameplay footage with you for the first time, in case you weren’t able to make it out to any of our playtests!

This footage is from the same build of the game that we demoed at SGX and at the User Experience Center. Textures and more refined 3D models are coming soon, but we’re excited to show off what we have so far!

(or watch on YouTube)

Turnip Town will be taking a small hiatus over the holidays, but we’ll return to our regularly-scheduled blog posts in early 2018! Keep an eye on our social media accounts for small updates while we’re away!

Stay dry!




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