Umbrellas and Level Design

Happy Monday!

April here! I work closely with the story and design of the game. I’m going to talk a little bit about the game mechanics and level design that inspired the layout of one of our levels. As a reminder, this is a work-in-progress and may be subject to change.

One of the key components of our game is the umbrella that our main character, Fella, obtains to help solve puzzles.

Umbrella Mondays Characters - Fela 01

And then there are these little guys called fire spirits:


Fire spirits are used like compound keys. In order to open a door that requires two fire spirits, Fella must acquire and place two fire spirits in their resting place.

Umbrellas are multipurpose tools with a multitude of functions. One of their functions is protecting you from getting wet, and since the fire spirits are not a fan of water, they need protection from the rain as well.


Level progression in Umbrella Mondays is based on critical thinking as well as platforming. In addition to guiding the fire spirits around and unlocking doors, the umbrella can be used to glide through the air*.


This adds a level of verticality and dimension to our environments needed to solve more complex puzzles. It also makes my job more fun!

Best wishes,



* Persons attempting to glide with a standard umbrella are subject to injury and not gliding. Fictional umbrellas required.


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