Creating a World – Concept Art

UM Fella Concepts w UI.jpg

Greetings from Turnip Town’s Lumberjack!

So far, we’ve introduced Umbrella Monday’s team and what our game is about. I figured with this post, we can show you the projects that the artists have been working on during the past development sprint.

Just to reiterate the artists on our team, we have Margaret Clarke as our Art Lead, Mary Flaherty, Evan Schweighart, Jacob Sutherland, and our design lead April Lewer. The culmination of our work has been mostly concept art up to this point, but we are finally nailing down our overall art style,

townconcept (1).jpg

The bulk of our concept art has been character design, much of it including characters that might inhabit Turnip Town. Evan and Mary have worked tirelessly creating variations of characters in our world, including a coffee shop owner, a bakery owner, and their son.

coffee shop.jpg


Creating more of the important characters, April and Margaret have finalized drawings of our protagonist Fella and her friend Cornelius. From here they’ve began creating 3D Models for our game prototype.



On top of characters, we’ve all been working hard on environment art. Mary has been heading up a concept of the Turnip Town, while the rest of us have been working on creating the interior of the Manor. The art team has been trying to nail down an exact feel for the manor, looking for otherworldly influences combined with overgrown plants. To say the least, the design of the manor will be tough to conceive, but will provide a lot of diverse and beautiful ground for Fella to cover.

greenhouse cathedral.jpg

Our newest project will involve sculpting our characters out of clay and using photogrammetry to pull them into our game world. This tactic may seem odd when it comes to creating characters in a 3D environment, but this will (hopefully) speed up the modeling process, given we have less than a year to make Umbrella Monday’s possible.

Looking forward to adding more updates about our game!

-Jacob, of Turnip Town Studio



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