Hello and welcome to Umbrella Monday’s game development blog! Our team is going to be updating this blog every Monday with new content (starting October 2nd), so be sure to check back often to see if there’s anything new! Our team, Turnip Town, is looking forward to sharing our hard work with you throughout development and sharing our cool concept art, gameplay demos, music, and a lot more! Thanks so much for checking us out!


By this point, you’re probably wondering;

What is Umbrella Mondays?

Which is a very good question. Umbrella Mondays is a 3D adventure/puzzle-solving narrative game about memory and meteorology, but mostly it’s about a little girl named Fella, who wakes up one morning to a bright green rainshower.

Umbrella Mondays Characters - Fela 01.png

It’s a weird thing to wake up to, but Fella has never heard of rain hurting anyone, so she walks out to investigate. As she’s poking around in the woods by her treehouse, she finds a strange journal containing only a single page that reads:

Fella, the hilltop cabin is the key to your memory.

Finding her name in a journal she’s never seen before is also weird. But, Mondays, am I right? She brings the journal into town and shows it to her florist friend Cornelius, who tells her about an old cabin up the hill that the journal might be referring to. When Fella hikes up to the cabin, all she finds is an overgrown ruin. The building looks pretty unstable, but Fella isn’t about to turn back now. She enters the cabin and embarks on an adventure to uncover the mystery of the green rain, the curious journal, and her forgotten past.


In the game, you play as Fella and help her navigate environmental puzzles and hazards as she explores the crumbling mansion in search of answers. If she finds something interesting, she might take it back to Cornelius to ask his advice, or maybe she just wants to take a break every now and then from all her adventuring and relax in her cozy hometown. Umbrella Mondays features a rich storyline, unique umbrella-related puzzles, and a diverse cast of characters. We’re looking forward to sharing all of that with you!


Umbrella Mondays is being developed by 10 University of Wisconsin-Stout Game Design and Development students as our final senior project. We’ll introduce ourselves more fully later on, but until then I hope you’ve enjoyed the first glimpse of our game!

Until next time, stay dry!

-Margaret, of Turnip Town Studio


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